Saturday, September 27, 2014

What is your subconscious obsessed with?

I wasn't surprised when I got this:

Your subconscious is obsessed with the need for love!  
Your selection of pictures suggests that from very early age, you were a very emotional and passionate person. You grew up with a big family, lots of siblings, and a nice group of friends. Because you weren't always in the middle of everyone's attention, you have to constantly feel loved.  
Your subconscious is very occupied with reminding you that you need to find someone who loves you. Sure, some people think that this is a bad quality in a person, but you shouldn't listen to them, this is one of your strongest attributes!  
This subconscious need to feel loved drives you in every aspect of your life, makes you study harder, achieve bigger things and search for true love without compromising. This feeling is what’s gonna get you places! 
Because I already knew. I'm not sure that it is 'one of my strongest attributes' because as you earn the love of others, you often forget yourself. You try so hard to make others fill the void that only you can fill, that you feel empty and discontented. People don't crave for things they have enough of, but enough is subjective.

What is your subconscious obsessed with?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reivew: Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Acaiberry)

This is a tone-up mask (no idea what that means) which will make your skin moist, lively and clear. 
My skin has been suffering lately, due to late nights and I've noticed micropeeling. I'm not complaining all that much, because dry skin is better than disgusting, oily skin. But then again dry skin also equals aging. So, I grabbed the mask and smacked it on in the morning, after another late night to see what miracles it could do. 

The mask itself is textured, which is supposed to allow better absorption, while not suffocating your skin. The essence, on the other hand, was quite thick and while it didn't leave a sticky film on my skin, when I hopped into the shower, I discovered the essence was not absorbed, only dried. 

I don't think it's much of an issue, because it didn't feel uncomfortable and didn't bother me throughout the day. However, there also weren't any noticeable effects. I supposed it's one of those masks that require multiple use. If you'd like to give it a try, you can get it on HiShop, by clicking on the photo above.

Also, get a 15% discount with this coupon code: VEYRONIQA. :D

Friday, September 12, 2014

why I've stopped updating

My Monstar's graphic card has died for some reason unknown to me. So sometimes I get to do some stuff on the laptop before it starts beeping and crashing. Which is why I haven't been updating.

It's extremely upsetting as I've only had it for a year and a half and would cost a good 627AUD to repair.

My previous Vaio lasted a solid 6 years - and is still running perfectly. I just needed an upgrade because softwares and games nowadays require so much more.

But fuck new technology and their shortass lifespans. Honestly. What happened to quality?

I'm going to leave it till the bf gets back so he can deal with it, so gimme some time as I learn to navigate a Mac. And figure out how to use Adobe Photoshop on it. And stuff. ^^y

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sephora is opening in Kuching!

I don't doubt that most of you already know that Sephora is opening its very first branch in East Malaysia.. Its hoarding wall is almost impossible to miss because you will see it once you ride the escalators up from the basement.

But if you didn't already know, you should mark the 1st of September on your calenders, because the doors will open at 2.00PM!

Sephora will be giving out vouchers to the first 150 people who enter the store. The first 50 will get vouchers valued at RM100 and the following 100 will be given RM50 vouchers. So bring your friends and family, because there is no limit on how many vouchers you can use per receipt! ;)

They will be giving out mystery gifts for every signup, and membership is free with any purchase! There is no limit on how many people can become a member, so even if you miss out on the vouchers, you still have something else to look forward to.

Not to mention, there will be a 10% discount off all Sephora products... But you wanna know what is the best thing about Sephora?

Their prices will remain the same as their West Malaysia counterpart. This is a big deal because we deserve equal treatment!!! It pisses me off everytime I look at a tag and see that whatever I wanted is so much cheaper in KL. The price difference of all the products I've ever bought is probably enough to buy me a year's worth of return tickets to KL! I'm obviously exaggerating, but that's how it feels - right?!!

Anyway, what cosmetic brand are you excited to see in Kuching? I can't wait to get my hands on Urban Decay and NYX so I guess I'll see you there!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Girls: What your DotA role says about you.

I was playing and realized that I almost always play support, so I wondered if my choice reflected on what kind of person I am. This is what my curiosity and imagination came up with. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously. Also, none of the photos belong to me.

Support - She wants to feel important, but is not willing to take charge and be a carry. She's the girl who wants to be a part of everything, but not necessarily be the star of it. She just wants to be involved and protected - because you should protect the support.

Ganker - Her theme song is probably Tick Tok from Kesha, cos she not only wants to be a part of every party, she is the star.

Carry - Self important and confident. She's one of those girls who wants to be one of the boys, because she thinks she's special like that.

Initiator - She's that girl who always starts shit, but at the end of the day is the only one who escapes unscathed, leaving everyone else standing around confused and pointing fingers but never at her.

Pusher - She doesn't always have to be where the fun is, she just needs to be doing something which will benefit her and her team.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

I don't understand how the movie got 9 out of 10 on IMDB. I didn't think it warranted a 6 because if you strip away the one liners, poorly disguised slapstick comedy and cute characters and got to the core of the movie, you'd realize that there's the same overused plot Marvel has been falling back on, over and over again.

Sure they are building up to something bigger, like an epic film where the infinity stones all come together.. But instead of a bad guy getting a hold of power and attempting to destroy a planet... ISN'T THERE SOMETHING ELSE THEY CAN COME UP WITH?!

How about a movie where they go on an adventure to find the goddamn thing or something?

The tree, the raccoon, all garnered some awww moments. But I never felt for Peter or Gamora. Heck, I could relate to the literal guy more than I could relate to them and Peter is actually human.

Also! Anyone else thought that Loki and Nebula should end up together? Both have daddy issues and are blue (figuratively & literally, respectfully)

That's pretty much all I have to say about this otherwise good movie, bearing in mind that it's a blockbuster, with no substance. Funny and fresh, yes. Best? LOL no. But extra points for the OST. Mmhmm.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


What do you do when you're so sick you're unable to leave the house?

You put on some music and try not to think. I spent the entire two days stuck in a drugged up daze, on my bed with no other warmth than my own because the boyfriend's in Melb. I slept and woke and realized only an hour or two has gone by, that I don't feel any better so I force myself back to sleep and the cycle continue until I decide that I am unwilling to rot in bed forever so I get up, move around a little bit... And decide it's all too soon for that and I lie back down, or play a little dota (no you may not have my Steam ID unless you know me personally - too many pervs out there who have been brainwashed by the internet that gamer girls are the ultimate goddesses and frankly that shit's cray), or blog a little. Time slows down when you are sick.

It's even worse when you get sick on a weekend, because you'd much rather spend the night out and in the arms of booze and friends. I usually party my fevers away, but how much of a good time are you going to have when you're doubled over in gastric pain, and hunting for toilets every 5 minutes? So here I've been, moping in my PJs as everybody else enjoys the food from Kuching Festival and drink up after.

A friend tried to cheer me up by telling me that my body needs to crash and burn for a couple of days because it cannot take the long days and nights I've been putting it through. Thinking about it, I've always led a pretty comfortable life. I used to party every night but had a good 8 - 10 hrs of sleep daily, I ate at fixed times and pretty much led a routine, albeit unconventional, life. Now I'm trying to sustain my nightlife along with my newfound daylife and it's not working out. My voice has been failing me for months, leaving me sounding like a frog for a week after every party. I have tried to switch out beer for liqour on the rocks, drinking tons of water with beer, and nothing worked! But now, it's back at full strength after 2 nights of not drinking & plenty of sleep, so I guess there's a revelation in there somewhere!

But you know what? Old habits die hard, and I cannot wait to get better so I can rush out there and down a cold one.